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Share your donations with others and watch it increaseHow to get started

The snowball

Have you heard of the snowball effect? You make a small snowball, let it roll down the hill and all of a sudden you have a gigantic snowball without having worked for it. Now translate this into your donating habits. Your donation is the small snowball, and your social media and network is the hill. 

Watch it grow

By a few simple clicks you can donate to your favourite cause and then share it with others. As you share it, you will be able to watch as others, inspired by your actions, also donate. Now watch your donation grow and take pride in how much that first donation has aggregated towards fulfilling the goal.

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Choose your own causes

All causes are matched to our charity categories
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Track your donations

You can track donations on your profile
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Donate anonymously

You can choose to remain anonymous when donating
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Support by sharing

By sharing you can track who donated thanks to you on your profile
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At Target Aid active collaboration drives greater impact!

It is only through active collaboration that we will create the right engagement driving the sustainable impact the world needs right now. On the Target Aid platform we therefore bring together parties active in the fields of social engagement, CSR and fundraising to build a more sustainable community and world.
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