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Success Stories - Sports

Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF)

The Norwegian Sports Federation, the Olympic Committee and Paralympic Committee (NIF) are Norway's largest voluntary organisation with more than 2,1 million registered members, 55 special federations and 9 650 sports teams.

Through our partrnership, we deliver and integrate our digital CSR and fundraising services into Norway's largest sports organizations. This will enable social engagement, coordinated fundraising, facilitate sharable communications of direct results, and open our platform to NIF users.

’’We are already witnessing several positive effects, such as increased sponsorship income, strengthened branding and increased financing via related parties, which Target Aid has contributed to the sports associations that use our services in Sweden. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that we are now expanding our business to our neighbouring country Norway and thereby giving the Norwegian Sports Associations the same opportunities, this together with the best possible partners in the form of the Norwegian Sports Federation.’’ – James Reason, CEO, Target Aid

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