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Because of the Pandemic, many small sports clubs faced existential threats. Realising their struggle, MasterCard decided to help these small clubs, that mean so much for local communities, face the consequences of the corona virus. 

Like for most of us, clubs were unable to continue their day to day operations. Teams could no longer meet for practice and sponsors were forced to withdraw their funding which, as as a result, threw the survival of many local sports clubs into uncertainty. To help these clubs  get back on their feet, MasterCard decided to  provide struggling sports clubs with free access to the Target Aid platform, something which enabled them to raise money by engaging their communities.  

”We, at Mastercard, partnered with Target Aid, because we saw the potential of our mutual outreach for the support of local sports associations and federations all over Sweden, as this would enable the continuation of sports practices and exercises under safe circumstances without the risk of infections.”

”Sport associations have been negatively impacted, globally, when games and events have been forced to be cancelled as a consequence to the pandemic Covid-19. With fö, we wanted to make it easy for sports associations and federations to fundraise and create campaigns to raise money as well as offer easy and safe channels to make donations. This is part of our social engagement.”

Erik Gutwasser, Division President Nordics & Baltics, Mastercard

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