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CSR made real and easy – with impact!

With a few simple steps, you can make your commitment to CSR more visible, creating a greater return on engagement.HOW TO GET STARTED

Maximize the impact of your CSR work

Expectations on companies to take their responsibility within social, environmental and economic sustainability are higher than ever before. It can even be a make-or-break deal whether new customers or employees choose you as their go-to company or employer.

So, how can you maximize your company’s CSR impact, minimize your time spent on searching for the right qualitative cause, whilst integrating effective digital tools enabling you to market your CSR efforts?

The answer is simple. Leverage capabilities from Target Aid!

Target Aid simplifies CSR for you

The Target Aid solution makes your work with CSR simple, effective and cost-efficient. Our digital tools automatically connect you to those charity categories in line with your company's focus, values and interests. They provide you with suggestions on what causes to support, all in order to achieve sustainable impact and increase the return of your engagement.

Our tools also allow you to follow your contributions real time, create campaigns, fundraisers, arrange impact events and share your CSR stories. This will not only increase your sustainable impact, it will also reduce costs from your CSR communication and marketing expenses.

Simple steps to get started

With a few simple steps you create your own impact profile, enabling you to communicate your CSR work both within your company and through your external channels. This creates a greater return on your engagement. Our digital tools automatically connects you to the relevant charity categories, NGOs and sports associations providing you with suggestions on what specific causes you and your employees can choose to support - all in line with the values, interests and passions your company and employees share.

You can also use your Target Aid impact profile to engage your customers in donation campaigns to create even more impact for your local community. For example, create an event such as a fun run or a charity golf tournament to fundraise to the cause of your choice on the Target Aid platform.

How companies can make CSR a reality with our tools

The unique Target Aid solution toolbox provides you with hundreds of innovative and easy-to-use features.
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Share your sustainability and CSR focus and activities

Your impact profile, content pages and embedded promotional tools provide transparent, effective and cost-efficient communication.
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Arrange events with impact and engage stakeholders

Market your event! Choose cause, attract target audience, sell tickets, enable donations, track the effect and follow-up with participants.
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Support a cause that fits your company values

Identify a cause aligned with your company's focus, values and interests. Make a donation and share it to generate a greater impact.
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Make your CSR stories go viral

Publish CSR stories on how your company's efforts are making the world more sustainable. Add images and movies and go viral!
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Find new or activate existing CSR relationships

Create joint CSR projects, events or campaigns with an NGO or sports association of your choice. Share your outcome and stories!
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Activate employees to raise funds for a good cause

Let employees with passion for a cause aligned with corporate values drive activities to raise funds through online and event fundraising.
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Make sustainability part of your users' experience

Use digital Target Aid technology and content to integrate tools for CSR and fundraising into your digital environments.
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Simple and user-friendly administration

Our user-friendly back-end application gives administrators an end-2-end control of their presence and activities on Target Aid.
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At Target Aid active collaboration drives greater impact!

It is only through active collaboration that we will create the right engagement driving the sustainable impact the world needs right now. On the Target Aid platform we therefore bring together parties active in the fields of social engagement, CSR and fundraising to build a more sustainable community and world.

Choose among hundreds of NGOs, sport clubs and causes to support

If you know a non-profit organisation or sport club you would like to see on Target Aid, please let us know.
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